2013 is here!

Again, the Philippines welcomed the New Year with a flurry of noisy firecrackers!  We were fortunate to have a great view of a fireworks display from our window, hence we, the kids especially, were able to enjoy the view without exposing ourselves to the smoke and to the danger of being too near explosive materials.

I haven’t read the news but I’m sure this day will have the sad news of someone incurring firecracker injuries.  Being a first hand witness to some horrific injuries that were completely avoidable, I wouldn’t want anybody in my family to be added to the stats.

Now, the other problem of indulging — it’s pretty difficult NOT to eat a lot during the round of parties.  The start of the new year should be the end of that!

Oh, we have a giveaway over at my other blog, to celebrate new beginnings.  I do invite you to join.  Here’s the link: http://www.ethanmama.com/2013/01/a-giveaway-for-the-new-year/

May you have a year to remember this 2013!  May good fortune and good health be yours :)

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