About Joey M.D.

Joey M.D. is Dr. Joanna Sychingho-Ver.  I am an ophthalmologist and a subspecialist in glaucoma.  On the homefront, I am married to another ophthalmologist and I have 2 kids.  I’m also a trying hard blogger :).  Aside from this blog, these others that I’m currently working on:  http://ethanmama.com, http://familyursidae.com, http://tsinay.com, http://practicaltipsandmore.com, http://the-working-mom.com .  I also have a small online store, http://ethansstore.com.

You can find me at Galileo Surgicenter every Wednesday afternoon (3-5pm) and Friday mornings (10am-12nn).  I am also affiliated with Manila Doctors Hospital and a visiting consultant at The Medical City.

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