Fake meds seized in Pangasinan

We see them everywhere — fakes.  Pirated DVDs, fake designer bags, fancy jewelry.  People buy these mainly because of the price.  Of course, they are cheaper than the original, but of course they lack something — clarity, durability — depends on the item actually.

But one of the worst things that you could fake is medicine.  Because medicines are there to save lives, and fake medicine won’t.  Thank goodness the government has caught some people involved in selling fake medicines:  http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/video/nation/regions/03/08/12/nbi-agents-seize-fake-meds-pangasinan

That’s why I usually buy medicine at reputable drugstores.  That’s because I’m sure the meds I buy are genuine.  And while there are generic meds, I always advise patients to check out the company.  If it’s some fly by night company that nobody has ever heard of, I couldn’t be sure of the quality.

Same goes for owners of drugstores.  It’s best to deal with the supplier or distributor of the meds.  If somebody offers meds at cheaper than direct prices, something may be wrong here.

Saving on medicine is sometimes necessary, but do draw a line somewhere.  If the price for a branded med is too good to be true, it probably is.